Reopening 3.0
Plugged – Unplugged 2 REOPENED FOR THE VISITORS!
2021 May 04 2021 May 31

The MAGMA Contemporary Art Space is pleased to announce that it has reopened for the visitors with the Plugged – Unplugged 2 / 30 YEARS ARCHIVE project, which consists of digitizing the ARTeast Foundation’s archives and facilitating access to its components. Proud to be partners in the last 11 years with ARTeast Foundation, which completes the list of nominations for the category RESISTANCE IN CULTURE within the 6th edition of the Awards of the National Cultural Fund Administration. In this category are nominated those organizations that continue to operate for over 10 years contributing to the configuration of the cultural scene. The Awards Gala will take place on May 9, 2021.

We kindly welcome you with the new issue of the collaborative art publication newspaper in small groups with the following requests: please let us check your body temperature at the entrance – permitted only below 37,3 °C; please disinfect your hands with liquid made available next to the entrance; wear a face mask at all times while staying in the exhibition spaces; avoid touching objects inside these spaces and last but not least, please keep a safe distance, and enjoy your visit!