The MAGMA Contemporary Art Space started his working on the April of 2010, with a three years preparatory work in Romania in Saint George city with the founders and runners of the space – Ágnes-Evelin Kispál (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department), Attila Kispál (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department) and Barnabás Vetró Bodoni till 2013 (Academy of Fine Arts, Cluj and Timisoara). MAGMA is an independent artist run space, the events realised are going on his defined concept, namely  to present contemporary art, focusing on media art, workshops, experimental or improvizative music, artist talks, art pedagogy, guided tours, performances; cooperating not only with those who come from the art field but also with musicians, philosophers, or theater etc.

Erupts and solidifies
The birth of Magma Project and a Contemporary Art Space in Saint George

Magma is acting in two directions. On the one hand, it is boiling, forming under the surface, on the other hand, it comes to the surface from time to time, erupting. Niklas Luhman’s description of autopoetic may be considered as valid as the (self)-definition of being a collective action. Magma is autopoetic in the sense that it perpetually sustains, resuscitates itself, without considering any kind of formal or thematic restriction. Paradoxically, however, it cannot be perceived as a circular gesture, originating from and returning to itself. It is rather a collective manifestation of a self-functioning unit. In the following we offer a presentation of consecutive eruptions, which trace the movement of Magma, led by Ágnes Evelin Kispál, Barnabás Vetró and Attila Kispál.



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