Plugged – Unplugged 2
2021 Mar 05
On view:
2021 Mar 06 2021 Mar 26
11 a.m. – 7 p.m., except Mondays and holidays

ONLINE OPENING in Hungarian language on March 05, at 7 pm, on the MAGMA’s facebook page.

The Plugged – Unplugged 2 / 30 YEARS ARCHIVE project consists of digitizing the ARTeast Foundation’s archives and facilitating access to its components: exhibition catalogues, brochures, prints, press releases, videos, correspondence between artists and project organizers, recordings of conversations and interviews, etc. The materials presented in physical format in B5 Studio and currently in MAGMA exhibition space were created during ARTeast Foundation’s 20 years of activities and through József Bartha’s 30 years of art organizing and curating. They are the testimonies of the development of contemporary art in the context of Transylvanian locality. The perspective of the exhibition may be historical, yet at the same time intimate, also because of the personal level of interethnic cultural interaction that has mobilized the local community on a formal and informal level. The archive captures the social and economic changes of a time that transformed artists into curators, and turned personal studios or non conventional, abandoned sites into “artist-operated spaces”, exhibition venues. Eventually, the archive collected the footprints of the artists – but the artist-archivist does not want to take these materials into a museum setting, but to turn them into action, to reactivate as many elements as possible to prevent us from forgetting or ignoring them. The exhibition is part of the project Plugged – Unplugged / ARTeast Archive and focuses on the people who shaped the events and contributed with content, some of which are presented as individual artworks or documents defining the collection. A part of the exhibited works can already be familiar to the visitors of MAGMA, since ARTeast has been a partner from the beginning, carrying out several joint projects in the last 11 years.