Future Perfect #5
2021 Oct 15, 18:00
On view:
2021 Oct 16 2021 Oct 31
daily between 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

We are not as naive as to believe that what we would call the new generation is something that can be in any way anticipated or evaluated by a certain language or in a key that is already academized and therefore dead. What interests us in this context is to draw the boundaries of a battlefield, of a fighting ring, to set the (impossible) framework for a revolution to come. For we are certain that it would do nothing else but end something that has not been yet started, or repeat that which is already well known. The artists we call established do not look for intelligible things or people but rather persevere in placing their finger on something that burns, even if it would do nothing but announce their own demise.

Artists like Ciprian Mureșan, Șerban Savu, Matei Bejenaru, Mona Vătămanu
and Florin Tudor, Monotremu (Laura Borotea and Gabriel Boldiș), Miklósi Dénes and Miklós Szilárd, Ágnes-Evelin Kispál and Attila Kispál are letting themselves be challenged by the curatorial team of the Paintbrush Factory and engaged in an act of working with the stakes and local communities, by selecting artists from younger generations and curating an exhibition featuring their works. – Răzvan Anton and Mihai Iepure-Górski

The Future Perfect #5 edition presents, in the exhibition area on the first floor of Tranzit House, works and series of works by young artists whose artistic practices have photography as their primary medium or where photography is an important component. At the same time, these artists are all interested in the idea of home either in a larger personal-historical context, or as it manifests itself in the intimacy and profession of the artist, or through a sociological approach, relating to the history of architecture.

The four invited artists are Kincső Bede, Bernadett Fejér, Júlia Kusztos, and Mihai Șovăială, who all come from different cities of the country; most of them started their careers in universities at home, in Bucharest or in Cluj, and went on to continue their studies abroad, where they all currently live and work. – Ágnes-Evelin Kispál & Attila Kispál

The event is part of the Living the future program – ways to support artistic creation in an impossible time.