embroidery workshop
2023 Sep 14 2023 Sep 17
12:00 – 17:00

The event is part of the pulzArt Contemporary Arts Festival, 9th edition.

The ABC90 workshop invites all interested individuals to participate in a communal event to create visual artist Cătălina Nistor’s contemporary artwork. Over the course of the 9th pulzArt festival, participants of all ages will have the opportunity to embroider onto 15 canvases measuring 50×70 cm each in the atelier of MAGMA Contemporary Art Space. The embroideries will depict objects symbolising the 1990s, based on the works of the visual artist. For those new to embroidery, experienced embroiderers will assist in mastering the technique.

About the Project:

The ABC90 project is a continuation of ABC80, a publication printed in 100 copies in 2017, where illustrations are accompanied by texts by Evelin Márton.

ABC80 is a book designed for those who want to learn the alphabet. It requires collaboration with adults who can introduce children to the objects, customs, and thoughts prevalent in their own childhood universes. The format of the ABC book presents the alphabet as it appeared in the 80s.

The sequel is the alphabet of the 90s, which is primarily aimed at teenagers, but here too, they can acquire more in-depth knowledge in collaboration with adults, who can help by putting their own teenage years in context.

“With this project, I aim to present the important events, the fashion, and lifestyle of the 1990s in an urban, general tone, influenced by strikes, the mineriad, the emergence of riffraff, the advent of the internet and mobile phones, hustling, industrial bankruptcy, discos, bell-bottom jeans, Coca-Cola, TEC, Caritas, MTV, FM, and so on. I chose red thread for embroidering the drawings because it seemed like the general atmosphere was sewn with red thread. In terms of politics, many changed their clothes but not their behaviour. The Communist Party’s red was dissolved by the red of Coca-Cola.” – says Cătălina Nistor.

Cătălina Nistor (1981, Craiova) is a visual artist. She lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. Through her works, in her own self-ironic way, she draws attention to taboos and mental clichés; she often draws inspiration from personal stories. Her recent projects include editing various publications, and she frequently collaborates with other artists.

14th-15th of September, 14:00 – 17:00
16th-17th of September, 12:00 – 17:00
Location: MAGMA Contemporary Art Space

The necessary supplies for the workshop will be provided on the spot. Each participant will receive a handkerchief with a drawing by the artist to embroider. Admission is free.