Working Title 3
call for proposals
2023 Mar 05 2023 Apr 02

Selected artists:
Silvia AMANCEI & Bogdan ARMANU / RO
Roxana BLOJU / RO
BOÉR Sebestyén / RO
Dorian BOLCA / RO
CSALA Hermina / RO
CZIRJÁK Adorján / RO
Benedito FERREIRA / BR
Lucia GHEGU / RO
Emil Cristian GHIŢĂ / RO
Dumitriţa GURĂU / RO
Alexandra MEREUȚI & Sebastian DANCIU / RO
Alexandra MOCAN / RO
Mălina MONCEA / RO
Lau Man PAN / HK/NL
Gabriela PIWAR / PL
Roxi POP / RO/BE
Matei TOȘA / RO

The MAGMA Contemporary Medium Association announces a call for proposals for participation in a group exhibition entitled WORKING TITLE 3, in the MAGMA Contemporary Art Space from Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania in the period between 26 April – 16 June 2023.

During its 13 years of existence the MAGMA got lots of requests from young artists’ to exhibit with various artistic projects. In response to this claim, the present application is aimed at organizing a group exhibition which offers a possibility for young visual artists/groups of artists to present themselves. At the same time, the exhibition makes possible the presentation of current questions, problems, reflections and viewpoints raised by recently graduated artists, at the beginning of their careers, for a larger public.

The MAGMA addresses emerging contemporary visual artists under 35 to submit their proposals, artworks created in genres of their choice (media art creations will be given priority during the evaluation). The application welcomes artworks in any theme or size, without restriction. One applicant can apply for the presentation of maximum 2 artworks.
Artworks exclusively created after 2019, ready to be exhibited, can be submitted. The MAGMA does not provide financial support for the creation of new artworks.

The submitted material must contain:
■ maximum 5 reproductions of the artwork
■ completed application form, for each artwork separate
(download from:
■ artist bio and portfolio in .pdf format and/or webportfolio or blog address – if there is one

We expect the proposals electronically, to the email address (in size of maximum 10 MB). If you do not receive a confirmation email about the receipt of the application, please feel free to inform us at

Or ONLINE (in case of 2 works please fill the form 2 times):

Submission deadline: 02 April 2023. (Sunday), midnight

Applications will be selected by a professional jury, namely by: Ágnes-Evelin KISPÁL, Kata UNGVÁRI-ZRÍNYI, Domokos VÁNCSA
Evaluation of the submitted proposals and notifying the artists: 05. April, 2023, on the website
Deadline for receipt of the winning artworks to be presented at the exhibition: 17 April 2023 latest, by post or electronically or. Artworks sent after the deadline will be automatically excluded.

Opening: 25 April 2023, 19h
Date of exhibition: 26 April – 16 June 2023.
The MAGMA will publish a catalogue of the exhibition material.
Where applicable, the MAGMA will provide accommodation and meals for the exhibiting artists during the period of installation as well as on the day of the opening.
It is the exhibiting artist’s responsibility to transport the artworks back, after the closing of the exhibition, but no later than in two weeks.
The organizers reserve the right that not all submitted artworks will be exhibited.
The MAGMA reserves the right to change the date of the exhibition.
The jury reserve the right to alter the plans and positioning of artworks within the exhibition area.

By entering the competition, you authorise the MAGMA Contemporary Medium Association to receive your registration data. Any personal information shall be used by the MAGMA in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, General Data Protection, which is intended to serve the security of personal data management.

The person in charge of processing these data is Attila Kispál, of the MAGMA founding member, MAGMA Comtemporary Medium Association, Daczó 11, Sfântu Gheorghe, 520019, Covasna County, Romania. Should you require any information about the processing of your personal data in this context, you may write to

Entrants agree that personal data, including name, age, home address, phone number and email address, may be collected, processed, stored and otherwise used for the purposes of conducting and managing the group exhibition. Personal information shall be kept in MAGMA Archive with great care, without giving these to third parties.

Entrants have the right to access, rectify or erase any personal data held by the MAGMA, by sending an email to: The deadline for applications to access, rectify or erase data is 10 working days from the day of submitting their entry.

You are understood to declare, in respect of the artwork/s submitted by you, that you are the sole owner and author of the artwork/s. You declare that you are the sole owner of all copyright for the artwork/s entered in the competition and that the artwork/s is/are not subject to third-party rights. You authorise the MAGMA to publish reproductions from your artwork/s on its website, in the exhibition catalogue and on its social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, vimeo, issuu etc.) as well as photographs made by our media partners may appear on the off- and on-line surfaces of the given medium in the context of this competition.

The applicant declares / agrees to place the artwork at the disposal of the exhibition.
The creative rights belong to the artist.
When submitting the artwork, the applicant agrees that s/he has understood and accepted the conditions and deadlines of application.
Questions in connection with the call for proposals should be sent to the email address

The event is part of 30th Saint George Day’s.