Polysynaptic Reflex
video art exhibition
2023 Dec 12 2024 Feb 29
11 a.m. – 7 p.m., except Mondays and holidays

Video-based works entitled Polysynaptic reflex* group exhibition’s aim is to present performances and actions that were created specifically for video format, and intentionally does not involve the presence of the audience, as the documentation of the process can vary between a public space as puclic action or in the artist’s studio without audience. At the same time, they operate with seemingly everyday gestures or everyday stages that can be easily recognisable in contemporary theatrical language, yet have distinct, genre-specific classification.
The works were selected for the REFLEX International Theatre Festival 5th edition as accompanying exhibition programme presented first time to the festivals public during Module1 24-28 March and Module2 21-26 May 2023, at the side gateway and foyer of Tamási Áron Theatre.
The title of the exhibition underlines those unsolved problematics appearing in the works as domestic violence, failure in protecting the climate and animals, insecure social safety net, the mismatch between the lack of workplaces and the overload of theoretical knowledge, fragility of existence vs. breakdown of harmony, dealing also with concrete revolutions named after flowers turning into hopelessness, to which our society responds with delayed reactions.

*The polysynaptic reflex is the body’s response to avert a given/potential emergency through one or more interposed interneuron channels that can make certain reflexes complex and modifiable. A synapse that can be modified by learning can result in a reflex that can be altered by learning.