Light sculptures // workshop
2019 May 13 2019 May 22

Let’s create light sculptures!

The concept of sculpture is much wider than the way we understand it based on our everyday experiences. In the context of contemporary art sculpture is present as an extended genre. Starting from Ágnes Előd’s exhibition entitled Drone Sculptures, we try to create light sculptures with the use of everyday objects, and we take long exposure photos about the result.
In the course of the interactive guided exhibition tour the participants can find out more about the possibilities of connection between physics and art, they can make videos with smartphones and improvise tales.

The guided exhibition tour and workshop activity will take place between 13 and 22 May 2019 in the MAGMA Contemporary Art Space, we invite children aged 3-18 and offer activities according to art-pedagogical methods and use of tools adapted to particular age groups.

You can participate by prior appointment! We expect groups on phone number 0736 063 924 and e-mail address: The date and duration of our free workshop activities and guided exhibition tours are flexibly adapted to the claims of different age groups.

Participation in the activities means consent to the free use of the photo and video documentation made during them on the online and offline surfaces that promote the activities of the Magma.