#animagma EXTENDED 2
Creative workshops at the Sepsi TABAKÓ Festival
2023 Aug 31 2023 Sep 02

Pop-art portrait workshop
Discover the artistic practice of Andy Warhol, a central figure of the 20th century Pop Art movement. Create a portrait using a combination of digital photography and collage technique in Warhol’s style or using portraits of the artist’s iconic contemporaries.

Blue image printing workshop
Cyanotype is a camera-less photographic technique that is almost 200 years old. The process of reproduction by photographic copying, however, does not require a camera, but rather sunlight and photosensitive emulsion on paper to create the creation. You can create a composition with plants and/or objects, make a print from your own photograph or use your own portrait from the Pop Art workshop. Bring the sunlight with you 😉

Stencil creation based on text
If you have a short thought you would like to share with the world, come to MAGMA’s stencil making workshop.
You can paint the stencil cut out with the help of the laser cutter on a board with acrylic spray paint, or you can put the message on your own T-shirt and take the stencil with you when you have finished the work.

Contemporary reading corner
A selection of contemporary art journals, magazines, publications, catalogues and albums from the MAGMA library will be available for on-site reading.

:the collection
Group exhibition with a selection from the collection of the MAGMA Contemporary Art Space, as well as creations from the first edition of the TABAKÓ festival’s workshop.