Songs by Zsuzsi Ujj, accompanied by Kristóf Darvas on piano
2023 Oct 12, 21:00

Zsuzsi Ujj, photographer, songwriter, singer, was a leading personality of the Csókolom band formed in 1993, while Kristóf Darvas, composer and musician, may be known from the Krétakör or the Specko Jednó band led by Bori Rutkai. They have been in the stage together since 2011.
As part of the 3rd VISOR Photo Festival of Szeklerland the exhibition “No one can break my wings anymore” A selection of Zsuzsi Ujj’s photographic works curated and opened by Mónika Zombori will be accompanied by a performance of the duo Ujj and Darvas.
Instead of the rock ‘n’ roll of Csókolom, this line-up is much more puritan and intimate, where the weight of the lyrics hits you even harder… Besides the songs known from Csókolom, there are some other songs to be heard. A bittersweet chanson fatale. Their concerts always have an intimate, loving atmosphere.