Riverbed Cinema
One cannot step into the same river twice
2021 Sep 18, 21:00

The Olt Bridge in Sfantu Gheorghe / Sepsiszentgyörgy will become a “cinema space”: The artist duo Time Gates (Ben G. Fodor & Dorothee Frank) projects a video from the bridge down onto the riverbed – the water surface becomes a “screen”. Filmed river sequences and river landscapes of the Danube and its tributaries – which include the Olt – merge with the real current. Ships, bridges, creatures and things ghostly appear as signs of the political, cultural and mythical mixtures of the Danube region. In times like these, much, old and new, rises from the depths to the surface. Persistent deposits of the past as well as ideas that are only just being born …

The artist duo Time Gates (Ben G. Fodor, *Dorog/HU & Dorothee Frank, *Vienna/AT) has been creating cross-media projects since 2015, including novel performance formats incorporating installation elements, photography, video, literary texts (including their own), live drawing and painting, and original sound by composers and improvisational musicians.