the immaterial collection

Independent Spaces at Art Encounters Contemporary Art Biennial, Timișoara

MAGMA is an artist-run space that initiates, along with group or personal exhibitions, projects such as artistic production, artist-talks, workshops, online and offline publications.
Founded in 2010 by the visual artists Barnabás Vetró, Attila Kispál and Ágnes-Evelin Kispál, it represents an “artists for artists” initiative. The exhibition program is based on a concept adapted to the directions of contemporary art, with more emphasis on conceptual art and new media.

Over the years of MAGMA existence as a small-budget artist-run space, collaborations with artists, institutions and contemporary art organizations led to various practices in production, execution or design of exhibitions. Some solutions, common practices have been born with the presence of the artist or with his/ her remote controlled guidance, which is known in the art world as replica.
This exhibition was built around the subject of originality, replicability, adaptability, as a selection of artworks created from our “immaterial” collection.