Embodied Obsessions
2015 Dec 10, 18:00
On view:
2015 Dec 11 2016 Jan 16
11 a.m. – 7 p.m., except Mondays and holidays


Obsession is an inner response to the outer world, a problem-solving attempt. We both examine this notion, understood in many ways, often used with both positive and negative overtones, in our own interpretations.
As a common starting point, as a common denominator, we interpret obsession as a repetitive and meditative process where the preconceived system applies rather than automatism. In this system, in the process of creation, out of a chosen element, a transparent structure is formed.
An important factor within the framework of the exhibition is interactivity and reflecting on each other’s work. Obsessive action is by nature lonely, intimate, and isolated. This is what we wish to dissolve and to involve the public in our own inner processes.
Our exhibited artworks and the workshop related to them are in close connection, they form a unity in space, transforming it into an interactive community space.

Kamilla Szíj, Henrietta Szira

The event is part of the pulzArt3 Contemporary Art Festival program series.

Special thanks to: Tibor Fekete, Zsolt Gáspár, Miklós Tasnádi