Invisible Presence 2.0
An introduction to contemporary art for teenagers – but not just for them

To be present is more than being somewhere at a given time. It requires our full attention, commitment and empathy. How could anything engross us if we were incapable of identifying with that other thing, the situation of that other person? Hone your empathy and imagination, while having fun at the same time, at an interactive exhibition of modern and contemporary works of art, with presence, absence and communication as the main themes. At this exhibition, created especially for teenagers, works from the collection of Szentendre’s Ferenczy Museum Centre initiate a dialogue with the collection of the MAGMA Contemporary Art Space, Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe, and, of course, with the visitors. With museum learning an important curatorial principle, the exhibition invites visitors to consider the questions posed by the artworks through games of association and a board game; together, we will try to answer such momentous questions as “how to explain what art is to an extraterrestrial being.”

The event is a follow-up to Invisible Presence. An introduction to contemporary art for teenagers – but not just for them, an exhibition and a related methodology programme, organized by Gabriella György and Hajnal Kassai, and held at Szentendre’s Barcsay Museum in 2018. The project, which looks to facilitate the reception of contemporary art, now explores points of contact between two geographically distant collections.