Art INStITUt # 5
CONSET by Dénes Miklósi and Szilárd Miklós
2016 Dec 10, 19:00
11 a.m. – 7 p.m., except Mondays and holidays

History, goals and practice

Conset is a temporary institution centered on different authors’ studios. Starting from the topics and nature of their practice, we conceive public forms with which to contribute to the widest possible contextualization of artistic production, juxtaposing different forms of knowledge external to the artistic field. Through sustaining its open studios, Conset wishes to enquire the different positions of authorship, domesticated in different institutional settings today. We wish to offer the necessary space for contemplation and development of new work, modeling at the same time an experimental institutional frame, which expands the horizon of expectations and incorporation of possible meaning productions. We believe that the reinvention of institutional forms and the renegotiation of our relations to infrastructure and to each other are necessary to overcome the historic deadlock in which we find ourselves.
The active involvement of diverse publics, reprocessing and radical interpretation of ones own production fuels new significance, advancing the capacity for dialogue and for articulation of society through art.

The presentation is part of the project called ART INStITUt – presentation of contemporary art institutions from Romania – initiated by MAGMA Contemporary Medium Association from Sfântu Gheorghe.