Twenty years after the first edition, the exhibition entitled MAYBE – which was one of the key moments in the founding process of MAGMA exhibition space – reaches its 5th edition. The event is organized every five years, with the number of participants gradually increasing. The initiators of 2002 belonged to the first generations of graduates of the city’s art high school, who at the time were continuing their studies at various art universities in the country or abroad. The circle of artists from Sfântu Gheorghe is gradually expanding, inviting their contemporaries, artists, who are either connected to the region or have a related artistic practice, or a similar way of looking at the world.
MAYBE is a thematic exhibition, this year’s edition having Proxy as it’s focus.

„(…) creation by proxy may not only be the transfer of the capacity to act, but also the expropriation of the passive recipient’s capacity of action. The proxy can hide the operation of an agent in the system, as a proxy server does in a network, or nest in sovereign ambitions, as it happens in a proxy war. However, creation by proxy always presupposes a third party, which, in the crossfire of the author realizing him/herself and the recipient shaping his/her destiny, is inspired to act, or simply be the subject of a shaping force that uses him/her as a medium, and as such it is enabling it to expose social inequalities, thus becoming an emancipatory medium. All this requires an autonomous space, existing for itself, where social norms can get out of the shadow of taboo, and where the dangerous freedom, without which there is no art can be defended against the hegemonic influence of power. Proxy is thus a game of transparency and obscurity, of which we are all subjects in action as we try to make sense of our existence through creative work.”

Szilárd Miklós