Drone Sculptures
an exhibition by Ágnes Előd
2019 Apr 25, 17:00
On view:
2019 Apr 26 2019 Jun 07
11 a.m. – 7 p.m., except Mondays and holidays

The MAGMA Contemporary Art Space guides us into new dimensions with the help of photo-video documentations of the floating light sculptures of the sculptor Ágnes Előd, as well as through a selection of her previous works.

The light sculptures capable of changing shape were made using a fleet of drones flying in self-organized swarms, developed by the company CollMot Robotics, founded by the researchers of the Institute of Biophysics of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. The trajectory of the drones provided with a light source is controlled by the 3D animations of the sculptor. Today, the fleet creates light installations using even 60 drones. The artist, who teaches digital sculpture at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, has been creating flying sculptures since 2016.

“I create the sculptures in two ways: in the case of the first type, the change of forms can be followed live, in the other case the changes are not perceptible to the naked eye, but photographed with a long exposure time a drawing in space is obtained. As a result of the technology used, the size of the sculptures is very large, moving on an orbit with a diameter of 100-200 meters. Thus, their presentation is possible only in the form of video documentation or prints” – explained Ágnes Előd.

The sculptor Ágnes Előd was born in Budapest in 1974. She graduated the sculpture department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Tamás Körösényi’s class (1999), in parallel she attended the art history courses of the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (2002). Between 2002 and 2005, she participated in the PhD program at the University of Fine Arts, and her supervisor was Tamás Körösényi. She obtained the state scholarships Eötvös (2002) and Derkovits Gyula (2002-2005). She obtained the DLA title in 2008, she taught at the University of Nyíregyháza, currently she is a lecturer at the University of Fine Arts. She creates miniature sculptures, digital prints, installations characterized by a specific, frivolous, playful, humorous visual language. Since 1994 she has regularly been participating in exhibitions in Hungary and abroad.

The event is part of 28th Saint George Days.